Instaviewer – Methods to view and hack instagram

What is Instagram used for?

Instagram is an online social networking app created to share photos and videos from a mobile device. Very much like Facebook and Twitter, anyone that creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed page. When you post a blog or video it is displayed on your personal profile. Once you approve followers, they can view your posts and feed. The same goes for you, as you can also view other users feed and posts if they allow you to follow them. Just like many other social networks, you can interact and engage in conversations with other users on Instagram by following them, like them, commenting, tagging, and messaging. If you like, you can even save the photos or videos you view on Instagram.

What is an Instagram private profile?

You have just made an Instagram account and now you want to make your account private, clever move! This is good, especially if you are going to post content that you do not want an individual or a group of people that might be looking for you on Instagram to view your profile. Making a profile private is easy, just follow these steps:

Making your Instagram account private

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on your profile icon on the right of the lower menu bar
  3. Click on the gear icon that is on the top right corner of your profile. This will take you to the settings tab. Once you tap on the setting tab, click on the account heading. Click on the option private account
  4. Tap on the button with an on/off button- click on it to slide it on.
  5. You have just made your Instagram account private.This will make your Instagram profile private for all except for those who are following you and any users you approve their request to follow you will be able to view your content.

How can you view private Instagram Profile accounts?

Have you ever come across an Instagram account where the posts are private and can only be viewed by accepting followers? Were you curious about this profile because you suspect that someone you know might be hiding secrets from you? Well, today, I will show you how to view a private Instagram profile account. You will be able to view these profiles and accounts simply even if they are kept private. Find out how you can hack an online private Instagram account without the use of any complex software or the need for any codes that even children can do.

How to hack a private Instagram profile account

It is one of the most popular social media networks on the internet and is known for its strict policies on privacy. If you want to view a private Instagram account, then you will need to follow them except for having a private Instagram photo viewer.So, if you want to learn how to hack a private Instagram profile, I will show you. There are different apps that you can use to hack, to view a private Instagram so read on.

#1 Instaviewer Pro

You will first need the private profile URL. You will be able to view a private Instagram profile and download photos and videos from their private profile account you just hacked.

  • Enter the username of the private account you want to hack and click on “validate profile”
  • You will be asked if the account is right-clicked yes to continue
    Wait until its finished processing
  • Download the hacked posts and you are done!

This is one of the simplest ways to hack a private Instagram account without the need for any special software or skills.

#2 Spyzie

This is another hacking app that is easy and hassles free. Spyzie is a full spying software that can be used in various ways, such as location, messages, track phone calls, social media, and more. What is even better is that it can be accessed from anywhere. You will need to download the app on a mobile phone. Once you download it, you will have access to their Android phone activity. Currently, Spyzie is only available for Android devices. In addition to being able to view a private Instagram by tracking their account, it can also be used to track people on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, and more.

  • Create a new Spyzie account
  • Provide your information and complete the setup wizard to access your dashboard
  • You will need to download Spyzie onto your phone- go to settings-security-turn on the feature of downloading apps from unknown sources
  • Open a tab on your mobile device and go to to download the APK version
  • After downloading you will see a pop-up message-click on the “install” button
  • You can then use your credentials to sign in and allow permissions to the app
  • Once the permissions have been processed you are done!

You can then log into Spyzie’s dashboard from anywhere to hack its private Instagram photo viewer. To spy on their social apps, you will need to turn on the “features status” option from the left panel on the “social apps” section by clicking on the Instagram tab. You will then need to click on the “I’m ready to start” button to view a private Instagram profile account. This app also includes a keylogging feature that will allow you to hack their private Instagram account and to have access to all the information without being noticed.

#3 Hacking the account directly

If you are having a hard time hacking a private Instagram account, you can hack their private Instagram account directly. It is a more inclusive method than learning how to hack a private account on Instagram, but it gives great results. If you want to learn how to hack an Instagram account directly, read on.

  • Go to Instahack’s website and click on “start hacking” button
  • You will then see a popup message that will ask you to provide a username
  • Type in the username you are looking to hack and click on the “hack” button
  • You will need to wait so that the interface can hack the password associated with the username you provided
  • When it is finished it will give you a text file with the password included
  • Download the file and access their account directly
  • You have just hacked their Instagram account successfully!


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