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About Instagram

As you might have noticed, Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks today that allows you to post share and comment on photos and videos that people upload onto their profiles. You can share photos with others who follow you and vice versa. Currently, there are more than 150 million Instagram active users that upload more than 55 million photos per day. As you can see there are many that upload and post videos and photos to share with the world.

Want to know how to view a private Instagram account without being noticed? Even though posting photos online with your family, friends, exes, embarrassing or funny moments you may not want them to be visible to just anybody. You might not want one of your exes whether it be an ex-boyfriend you ended with on bad terms or an ex-girlfriend that is on the lookout to get you. So, to avoid this from happening, you decide to adjust your account so that only your friends can view your pics.

So far, so good, right?

Some people might be confused as to why you did that. Especially If you are using Instagram as Instagram photos are usually posted to be seen by the public, right? So, if you decide to adjust your settings to private, you are telling Instagram viewers that only those that follow you can view your pictures or at least that is what the privacy and safety rules on Instagram say. Well, that might not be completely inaccurate.

So, say you want to view a private Instagram account, sorry to disappoint you, it is possible. You can view photos from other Instagram accounts, even though they have their account settings set on private. This is especially true if you have linked your Instagram account to other social media networks.

Why would you want to view a private Instagram?

There are millions of reasons why someone would want to view a private Instagram one of them being curiosity. You might be wondering what is on their private Instagram profile? Why are they hiding videos, photos, or posts that only their followers can view? That is why many professional developers have created Instagram tools that offer great features that will allow users to view private videos and photos from private accounts.

Legal way to view a private Instagram account

If you want to view a private Instagram account, the easiest and most legal and legitimate way to do this is to just send them a request. Usually, people who have a profile that is kept private will approve people they know. If this individual knows you somehow then it should not be a problem for them not to approve your request to follow them. Once they have accepted your request you can view all the photos they have uploaded.

There are also other, not so legit or legal ways you can view a private Instagram account such as the following:

Create a fake profile account

One way to view a private Instagram profile is to create a new account. People have found through using this method, that it is much easier to view a males private account than it is to view a females private account. So here are the steps:

  • Create a new account
  • Add a photo and insert a bio (it should be written so it can appeal to the individual whose profile you want to view)
  • Upload and post 50 or more photos
  • Now you will need to get followers (posting photos is not enough to make your account look real, so you will need to use a hacking app to get the followers you need)
  • After obtaining your followers, set up your privacy settings and send a follow request to the person in question
  • Chances are that your request will be approved, and you can then view a private Instagram profile with their posts, videos, and photos.

Instagram profile viewer tools

If you are looking to view a private Instagram account, there are several options one of them being Instagram viewer tools. There are many of these that will take you through the process step by step. But these tools are not completely safe, so try them at your own risk. Do not take my words lightly, as some of these websites will ask you for personal information that they will use to defraud you in some way.


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