Private Instagram viewer

Instagram allows its user to record their life online through photos that are posted on the user’s profile. As the users post their pictures, videos, and feed they gain followers. The more followers the user’s gains, the more popular they become on Instagram. As Instagram continues to grow and expand so do its features that are attracting, even more, users to their social network. Instagram continues to make changes to improve user experience and gain an even greater audience. One of these changes includes their safety and privacy features. This allows the user to change their settings and make their accounts private. Which means that only the user’s followers can view their feeds. People can no longer view other profiles and browse through Instagram users profile without them knowing. If you find this frustrating, then you will love these private Instagram viewer apps and tools. These private Instagram viewer apps are for those who want to be nosy and peep into other Instagram accounts and view their profiles.

Making your Instagram account private

When a user posts a photo or video to Instagram it becomes available to all users. But there is a way you can make them private. You can go to your profile and modify your setting to private. This allows only your followers to view your profile, Post should also be set to private, but you will need to do this through a smartphone as this feature is not available on a computer. In order to do this, you will need to click on the icon “private account settings.” A user can also set their posts as private. This way their photos and profile will not be seen by the public. Also, if an Instagram user has set their profile as private and they have photos from Instagram that are linked to other social media accounts, people on those accounts might still be able to view them. The user should check their profile settings on all of their social media accounts just to be safe. That way if a user wants to view another’s profile they will need to send a request and be approved for them to view other profiles.

How a private Instagram viewer works

Private Instagram viewer allows anyone to view a private profile and see what they have posted. Even though you might not be able to obtain another user password they can, however, view your profile with an easy to use the software. This software can usually be downloaded through a mobile device or a desktop computer. Most of these apps are safe to use and do not require a password. The software will need to be downloaded until it is completed. Once it is downloaded and processed you can type in the name of the profile you are wanting to view. You will have access within minutes to any profile that has been set as private and that you want to view. Even though some might see this as an invasion of privacy, there are others that can benefit from it. For example, parents can benefit greatly from these types of apps. They can keep close tabs on their children and view the types of photos and videos they are posting.

Private Instagram Viewer apps

These apps and tools allow open access to anyone from anywhere. You can view anyone’s photos, videos, and feed without them knowing you were going through their account. In fact, most of these apps are free and for the most part safe. You can use them whenever you are feeling curious about a particular someone. There are several apps that you can use as a private Instagram viewer and include the following:

Private viewer

Private viewer is one of the first apps that you will see when you are looking for a private Instagram viewer tool. It is a simple app to use with just a click of a button.


InstaSpyMe is also another app that you can use as a private Instagram viewer. All you need to do is copy the URL of the private account you want to view and follow the instructions. It usually takes under a minute.

Instagram private viewer

  1. Go to the Instagram private viewer app website page
  2. Insert the URL of the profile you want to view
  3. Click on the “View Profile” button
  4. Tap on the “View Private Photos & Videos” button
  5. Tap on the “Yes, go ahead!” button
  6. Wait for it to access your information
  7. Pass human verification by following the instructions
  8. View feed, photos, videos, and more


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