View a Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram is on top 5 for being one of the most famous social media networks in the world which is why tools such as were developed.

Through Instagram, users can upload their photos and videos using their mobile devices and apply different filters to create a variety of effects. They share their makings on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

Currently, Instagram has well over 100 million users. Anybody from anyplace can view your profile if you are a follower, otherwise, you cannot. For those of you who are not fond of this, Instagram’s privacy and safety settings are easy to use a tool in comparison to Facebook settings which can be modified in various ways.

Which is one of the reasons Instagram makes their profiles private only allowing their photo feed to be displayed and viewed by its followers whom they have been accepted. Others need to send a request to become followers. Usually, Instagram users will make their profiles private to keep their personal photos and videos hidden from strangers. So, for those of you who are looking to make their Instagram profile private, you might want to know what the pros and cons are.

1. Pros of making your Instagram profile private

1.1 Have control over viewers

If you are an Instagram user and want to set your Instagram profile to private, new followers will need to make a request and be accepted in order to view the users feed. For instance, if the users feed profile shows photos that they do not want to share, then these photos are selected only to a few people and friends. This is where the privacy and safety setting on Instagram comes into use as they allow you to control your information and who you want to share it with. It also helps to put off unnecessary comments or likes on their feed.

1.2 No web viewing

Instagram has also spread out from mobile to web, which means that anyone who discovers Instagram private viewer tool, can see their most recent photos. Modifying your account settings to private prevents this from happening so that your Instagram photos and feed cannot be shared over social media sites or shaved to a hard drive, overviewed by anyone who is not one of the user’s followers. It gives the user more control over the privacy of their photos and feed, as their profile is protected from non-followers on the web.

2. Cons of making your Instagram profile private

2.1 Secretly hidden from non-followers

If a non-follower discovers an Instagram private profile in a search or on a business website, that person will not be able to view any photos from the Instagram private profile. Non-followers will not be able to view photos or feed that the user is sharing, which will cause them to think twice if the feed is worth subscribing too. It also makes it difficult to find users account by other Instagram users as the feed from it will not found in hashtag searches or explorer tabs. In addition, when making an Instagram account private you may find it difficult to obtain new followers.

2.2 Lack of action

Instagram users can comment and give likes on any feed on the network whether they are followers or not from the web or through a mobile application. But through an Instagram private profile, if the users take this option non-followers are not able to engage with user’s content or give feedback on it.

Though the user might think their account is private and cannot be viewed by others, it is possible. Today you can have access to private Instagram profiles through different websites that offer tools to make this possible. One of the most popular ones being

Insta Viewer

This is an actual online website where you can view a private Instagram profile in less than a minute for free!


  • View private profiles will let you view profiles that have been kept private plus view all their information in their profile
  • View all activity will let you view all activities in their profile
  • View shares allows you to track any of their current activity plus you can also view all their shares and re-shares
  • View comments will let you view all the comments that have been made towards yourself or about anybody else on their videos or photos
  • View videos will allow you to see all the videos that have been shared or liked on their profile including the downloads
  • View photos is used to view all the photo collection that they have shared in their profile

How to use it:

  1. Go to website
  2. Enter their username
  3. Confirm by looking at the details
  4. Select what you want to view
  5. Let the app do its job
  6. View the photo or profile after verifying

Lastly, remember to verify or you will not be allowed to view a private Instagram account.


✓ Last updated: 16.07.2024